Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What does freedom look like?

This is a screen capture from my online bill paying. It's a fine representation of one of the possible joys of van dwelling. I don't owe these companies anything anymore. They don't own a piece of me. It feels great.

The only debt left is one credit card that's nearly paid off, and my current mobile account.

I paid cash for the Rolling Steel Tent. I get my electricity from the sun, my water free or from vending machines (I use a fraction-of-a-fraction of what I did when I lived in buildings). I'm still working on my first tankful of propane ($18) from fifteen months ago. Insurance and registration are easily managed.

An updated credit rating arrived in the mail a while back. Funny how my credit is great now that I don't need it, don't want it. Thanks, financial institutions, but I'm into cash these days, not debt. I'm sure you'll survive without me. (Insert rude noise here.)


  1. Freedom from debt is one of the best things we ever did. We still use one credit card a lot but pay it off every month and we get yearly cash dividends of a percentage of what we charged. Free Money! Thanks REI.

  2. Wow Al. Congradulations.
    I know that you must feel wonderfully. ...dare I say giddy!

  3. Raising my fist in debt-free solidarity! WOOT! ~Sassafras

  4. Debt free for almost 20 years. Nothin' like it. Congrats! Great post.