Saturday, November 1, 2014

Into the annual funk

I was surprised and disappointed to learn we switch back to standard time tonight instead of next week, as I had been thinking. I don't really mind the changes in and out of Daylight Saving Time. Lose an hour, gain an hour, no big deal—especially now that I have no schedules.

It's just that the end of DST tells me, "Stop pretending there aren't fewer and fewer daylight hours, chum. We're sliding into the seriously short days now."

Seven weeks until the shortest day of the year. Crap. Then there's that awful mental trick where it seems like we don't get normal length days until, like, forever. Daylight hours should be the same as they were today by Valentine's Day. But it doesn't feel like it until April or so.

Making all this worse is my mild Seasonal Affective Disorder. Whoopee. At least I have easy access to real daylight. But when I'm in my winter funk, it's harder to drag myself off the bed, out of the van and into the sun.

And then there are the genes I must share with hibernating animals.

The best way to deal with my seasonal "depression" is to not be alone—which runs counter to my reclusive nature. I need to winter among other vagabonds. Whether I like it or not. Whether they like me or not.


  1. Yeah, that SAD hits me too in the, but thanks to modern pharmacology over the counter antihistamine tabs seem to keep me mellow.....and, I think you would be welcome at Bob Wells camp anytime!

    1. What meds are you taking, and what doses?

    2. I was on a prescription med called Vistaril, 0.50 mg 3 x day.....but after a year, the same MD that put me on them took me off and told me OTC Benadryl would do the same thing, and were a lot cheaper! I have since learned that Walmart brand Equate antihistamine tabs are just as effective!! I take 2 at the 1st sign of the blues plus 2 at bedtime, and I'm good to go!,

    3. That's curious, because Benadryl just knocks me out, which might be a good thing if the goal was to sleep all winter.

    4. Originally I was on Xanax, but that stuff is addictive, and strangely enough just made me cry when I took them......from about November thru March I become a full fledged introvert, and the Benadryl gets me thru the winter.....I hope you find what works for you!

  2. We like you. And Alexa really likes your van. I think she is modeling her slowly processing conversion after yours. I'd say you can come camp by me but I'm in a parking lot in North Carolina so you maybe don't want to come here.

  3. I'm with you, Al. SAD gets me, too, at least now it does, after spending a few years in the Pacific Northwest where the sun/moon/stars don't show their shining faces for about 8 or 9 months out of the year... at least, during a regular year, not like this year where there seemed to be more sun than clouds.

    I began taking a healthy dose of vitamin D which perked me up considerably - like night and day (I don't take it when there's sunlight available, though). Maybe that's an option that might help you, too. Looking forward to seeing you one of these days soon.

  4. Hey Al, Lois and Blacksheep - I use a Verilux light for my SAD. They have several models, seems a bit pricey at first for a lamp, but like a good coat or eyeglasses you get much use out of it so the price per operation/use goes down. They do have some small models that might be suitable to use w/your solar setup and van life. Just google "Verilux SAD". Here's hoping that it might help you too. ~Sassafras

  5. Happy Hippie tea combo for SAD...