Sunday, November 30, 2014

The return of Chet

Twenty years ago I set out on what I didn't know would be the prelude to life in the Rolling Steel Tent. I took off for a three week trip, meandering from California to Maine and back. Blogging hadn't been invented yet, so I kept a journal that only I have seen. My companion on the journey was a Shriner figure that I photographed at every stop along the way. I called him Chet.

I found Chet today as I was sorting through my stuff. He was pissed that I'd left him rattling around in a dark bin for over a year. Sorry, amigo.

It was only fitting that I should take Chet out for a photo op. I'm back in Slab City, so I showed him East Jesus, posing him in a piece of the commune founder's art. You can see Chet's excited.


  1. Yes, Chet looks so very excited, indeed! I can't WAIT to meet Chet now! Wow! A member of your family I didn't know about!

  2. Can't wait to see if you have the original Chet photos to share along w/some of the best travel journal snippets! I see a couple of book projects... "Chet" and "The Return of Chet"!! ~Sassafras