Friday, November 7, 2014

Open for lunch

That's what the sign said (a sandwich board—how appropriate) as we rolled through Rodeo, New Mexico. So, being the leader of our little caravan, I decided to stop.

The front of the Rodeo Tavern & Grill is classic bar. Dark, with billiard tables and guys in cowboy hats occupying the stools. The cafe in the back room is decorated with the usual cattle skulls, farm tools and such. but there are also unique cartoon murals. They have a very '50s feel. Judging by the cracks and patches in the stucco, there's a good chance the art has been there that long.

But one of the cooler, newer, things is the decoration in the men's room.

If this side door is any indication, the Rodeo Tavern & Grill once had a different name.

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  1. A little online digging revealed that the murals are from 1946.