Saturday, June 20, 2015

Don't panic, I'm back

I've been at Brownlee Campground, a few miles from the Snake River and Hells Canyon, on the Idaho side. No cell signal. I didn't start out for this campground. I just saw the sign and figured I'd check it out. A nice place, not very big, among tall pines, next to a creek.

I was jonesing for Internet, so I drove to Halfway, Oregon. It's a nice little farm town. Along the way I saw there were various wide pull-outs along the Snake River/Brownlee Reservoir where camping is allowed. Or at least tolerated. They seemed to be occupied by anglers. I might stay at one of them.

The Brownlee Reservoir section of the Snake River, south of Hells Canyon Recreation Area

The larger plan, which is always subject to revision, and which has been revised several times already, is to head toward Joseph, Oregon and the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Who knows what I might find along the way. Who knows whether I'll change my mind. In the meantime, I'll probably be incommunicado.

Eagle Cap Wilderness

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