Monday, June 22, 2015

Have I had enough forest yet?

It was just about this time last year that I suffered a forest overload while in northwestern Montana. Now, after a little more than a week in the woods, I'm starting to get that feeling again. I think I must need more sunlight and a wider view.

Plum Valley

Upper Rush Creek



And so on

Last year I fled the forest for the Oregon Coast, where it was cool and wet. I think I have Oregon covered for this year.

So, rather than moseying through northern Idaho, I think (today, anyway) that I'll take an express route to Jackson, Wyoming. Camp on a brushy hill with a view of the Tetons. Maybe meet some other nomads who settle in there for the summer. Or should I wait until autumn when the aspens turn golden?

At any rate, I have three days to figure it out. I need to hang around the general Joseph, Oregon, area until my forwarded mail arrives. Because, you know, I really want my credit card bill.


  1. It's so beautiful where U are I can't see why U want a scene change. What about getting u'r credit card bill online & paying it on line as well ?

    1. Yeah, what Anonymous said. I'm on my own little tour, now, and there isn't a single account I can't access from the comfort of my own rig.