Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Went a-wanderin'

I was feeling antsy after two weeks in the relatively small world of our worksite and occasional errands into town.  So I took a day off and drove most of the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway.

Sparks Lake, South Sister Mountain, and a campfire that's dead out

Sparks Lake is a fine place for kayaking

Devil's Lake

Elk Lake and Mount Bachelor

The Deschutes River just after it flows out of its source, Little Lava Lake

I had wanted to check out Tumalo Falls, but the road to it was closed for construction. I could have hiked from a trailhead before the turnoff, but I didn't want to do it alone. And it was drizzling at the time. And I'm a wimp. Maybe I can recruit Lou and Jo into hiking it another day.

Someone else's photo

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  1. Beautiful pictures, evidently you aren't a wimp when it comes time to use your camera !!