Friday, June 26, 2015

Exactly where I left it

One of the advantages of living in 60 square feet is that there aren't many places something could be. The trick, though, is remembering which place.

It happened again today. I had bought a nine-month supply of my medications the last time I was in Mexico. And I put it... somewhere.

There was a moment after not finding the pills where I thought they would be, and after not finding them other places I thought they could be, when I wondered if I'd used them all up. Would I need to make a mad dash to Mexico to get more? That would suck.

I finally found the neat row of pill bottles in the back of cupboard, behind some canned food. Because that location made so much sense at the time.

Maybe I need to make a treasure map of where I store things.


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  2. Glad you found your meds; having to run to Mexico would not be fun.

    I have learned not to ask "Where should I put this?" but to ask "Where would I look for this?" It's amazing what a difference that wording can make.

    1. The answer to "Where should I look for this?" is "Everywhere in the van."