Thursday, June 25, 2015

From one side to the other

By the time I picked up my mail yesterday, it was a bit late to start my trek to the coast. So I went as far as La Grande, where I got a hotel room, had a great, hot, long shower, found a laundromat and a do-it-yourself car wash. It's best to start a journey with as many things clean as possible. Then I was out the door and on the road early this morning.

The Interstate wasn't the most scenic or soul satisfying route, but it was the most efficient. Google Maps and GPS wanted me to take I-5 all the way to Eugene before cutting to the coast. But I wanted to check if the news I'd received about the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City was accurate.

It was. They've stopped allowing RV camping in their parking lot. Rats. It was such a handy—and free—place, a short walk to the beach or to Safeway. But I guess some people were abusing the casino's hospitality by camping there for months at a time. Thanks, jerks, for spoiling things for the rest of us.

So, I'm at the Three Rivers Casino in Florence instead. No ocean view, no grocery within a short walk, but it will do for now. I researched some other casinos and campgrounds along the southern half of the Oregon Coast. I'll check them out and report back.

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