Tuesday, June 16, 2015

That's nice

Plum Valley is another small, free, semi-neglected Forest Service campground. Three of the seven sites were occupied by people who seemed to have settled in for the long haul. I'm guessing rangers don't come around often to enforce the 14-day limit. There was a nice, large, flat site in a corner away from the others, however. The neighbors were quite and well behaved. Excellent.

More excellent was the way latitude, longitude, altitude, the pattern of high and low pressure systems, the tree canopy and the tilt of Earth's axis combined to produce perfect weather. Low to upper 70s during the day, with a mild, fresh, conifer-scented breeze. Cool enough at night for comfortable sleeping without being too cold.

Everyone needs a babbling brook to lull them to sleep—at any time if day

But I left that paradise this morning. No cell service. Itchy feet. Gotta see what's up the road. It's a sickness.

Now I'm making a brief stop in Lakeview, Oregon, to post this. The lake that they can view in Lakeview is Goose Lake, which straddles the state line. But Goose Lake is dry. So now they just view grass and alkali flats. But Lakeview's other claim to fame is as Oregon's Tallest City, at 4,208 feet. I guess they call it the tallest to avoid the jokes that would come from calling it the highest city.

So, onward, northward. But first some breakfast.

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  1. We stopped for lunch and gas in Lakeview, Oregon several years ago on motorcycle trip. It was a pleasant surprise. We were booking it in from the Oregon coast to get back to SLC due to a death in the family. From Lakeview, the goal was Winnemucca. What a long desolate ride from Lakeview except for the wide spot in the road of Denio, Nevada.