Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Retreat! Retreat!

Oh crap. A triple-digit heat wave is about to descend upon the region. Everywhere along my intended route to Jackson, Wyoming, will be super hot. Upper nineties and hundreds. Even higher elevations will be excessively warm. The closest place that won't be broiling is the Pacific Coast. So...

That's one of the good things about this mobile lifestyle. We can flee bad weather.

As I wrote the previous sentence, a buck deer strolled past the Rolling Steel Tent. Six feet away. In a parking lot in downtown Joseph. I don't think that will happen at a casino in Lincoln City, Oregon. But tradeoffs must be made.


  1. TRUE, mobile life has great advantages the problem is ... U need to have the $$$ for the gasoline to move about.

  2. The State Correctional Institution at Retreat officially opened in January 1988. The site of SCI Retreat has a long record of service to the citizens of Pennsylvania. In 1878, an Almshouse (Poorhouse) was established on the grounds by the Central Poor District of Luzerne County "for the care of unfortunate indigents." In 1900, a Hospital for the Insane was added where "those who have mental troubles are treated."

    1. does this relate to the subject on hand ??? LOL.

    2. He thinks I should be locked up.