Thursday, June 25, 2015

This is why I went to the coast

Unless you live in the Northeast, you know how hellishly hot it has been or is about to be. The Pacific Coast, along with some areas of the Sierras and Rockies are the only places in the West not like ovens. And, as this article explains, it's not going to get better very soon.

My former plans are on hold. I'm going to hang out by the ocean for a while. A couple of weeks, maybe. Or more. Come join me.


  1. I can attest to the hellishly hotness. Drove from Vegas, stopped at St George Utah where the hellish hot winds of Hades were blowing hard. Drove fast and hard straight up to Fishlake NP where things are hospitable. Onward to the Rockies! Stay cool,

  2. Thanks for the invite but it just hit 70 degrees at 3pm in North Central Pennsylvania.
    Yes, it's a bit cold in the winter but that's why we have velcro tied white shoes and Florida.