Friday, September 18, 2015

A choice made

A) The boondocking spot at the base of a dramatic red rock cliff but with no cell signal

B) An unexceptional boondocking spot among in pines and junipers, but with four bars of 4G

The fact I'm able to post this tells you which spot I picked. So does this photo.

I'm north of Utah Highway 12, a few miles west of the road into Bryce Canyon National Park.

I started from Richfield UT this morning, where I'd Wallydocked, took care of some banking, bought a 1,500 lumen flashlight and gassed up. Rather than taking I-15 to US89 to Highway 12, I took the less traveled route. East out of Richfield then south through Koosharem, Antimony and Black Canyon. A more relaxing drive. Except the part where I came around a blind curve and a couple of black-faced sheep were in the middle of the road, looking at me like I was the one in the wrong place. They might have been right.


  1. YEAP... we all believe the rolling steel tent was in the wrong place !

  2. I have been unavoidably off the road for nearly a year now, and I cannot tell you just how MARVELOUS that camp in the pines looks to me. Yes, you've had much more gorgeous shots... but look at the peace of the photo, the smell of the pines, the lack of scratchy undergrowth, the sunshine.... I can't wait for January and my trip to RTR. (not that there will be actual trees there.. LOL)