Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hike to Landscape Arch

I entered Arches National Monument at about 7:30, beating most of the crowd. First I made a stop at Park Avenue.

I continued on to the north end of the paved road, at Devil's Garden. I grabbed my backpack of water, by hat and walking stick, and headed off.

Ta-dah, Landscape Arch

On the way back through the park, I stopped at Skyline Arch.

And then joined what was by then a zoo at Double Arch.

And my last stop was at the Golden Arch. Nyuk-nyuk.


  1. I wish it were still a national monument. There would be for fewer crowds. Nice photos.

    1. Edward Abbey, author of "Desert Solitaire," didn't even want roads in Arches.

    2. I think what anon is trying to point out is that you called it a monument when it's actually a park. No biggie.