Thursday, September 17, 2015

Y-e-e-e-a-h, it was what I'd suspected


My heater/defroster/AC fan developed a buzzy vibration, like it was rubbing against something. Leaves? A twig? A critter? Or maybe the fan was worn and wobbling on the motor shaft. Or maybe the fan was stuck and the motor shaft was just spinning inside it, because I wasn't getting much wind out of the vents. I kept the fan on the low setting, where the vibration wasn't so bad, and hoped it would somehow fix itself.

Fast forward a year or so and the fan hadn't graciously repaired itself. So, thanks to YouTube, I learned how to remove and replace the fan. Oh, I can do that. And in case the fan was worn or broken, I looked up salvage yards and found one nearby with an Express van that might have a good fan in it.

I got my 10mm and 7/32" sockets (come on, GM, pick a standard and stick with it) and small screw driver, removed the screws, yadda yadda yaddaa, and...

Yup. One spin-dried, desert-desiccated mouse, dead on the hamster wheel.

I tossed him, cleaned the fan and housing, and put it back together. Everything works as it should.

I'm glad (knock on wood) that I haven't been invaded by any wire-gnawing rodents. That could leave me stranded instead of merely without much ventilation.

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  1. Use those 1A Auto videos all the time to keep our 99 and 89 Corollas running.