Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Get 'er done

From "The Onion"

The item above reminded me of parts of my life. I had aspirations but was stuck, believing there was a pile of outside forces holding me back, keeping me from happiness. Someday, somewhere, everything would align for me and I could breeze forward. Right?

Well, no.

So I had to ask myself, what can I do if only 23 of the 6, 071 variables align? How far could I get? What could I make of it? And having taken that leap to a new point in my life, what new variables might align? Which variables could I force to align? Which ones could I make irrelevant? I wouldn't know if I didn't take action. I had to look at the reasons I could instead of the reasons I couldn't.

I wouldn't be a full time vandweller now if I'd waited for everything to be 100% figured out and ready, if I'd waited for the universe's permission. I did what I could, then hit the road. And it's good. It's working. I'm happy. And the rest of those variables? They just don't matter anymore.


  1. E X E L L E N T !!

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