Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Go your own way

It's one thing to break from normalcy to follow the nomadic life. But some people take it to a whole new level of nonconformity. The Rolling Steel Tent is feeling so ordinary today.

"Honey, I promise we'll always have a roof over our heads"

What do you get when an Airstream mates with a Toronado?

Or with a van?

Or when a Nash mates with... something

You need to start with a vision and never give up

The Cadillac of RVs



  1. W O W, what a bunch of strange contraptions !! LOL.

  2. Unique pieces... wondering if the builders of these vehicles have had some sort of hallucinogenic substance, LOL,LOL.

  3. That first one was likely someone who dealt with one too many leaks in the RV's roof. Or a tree fell on it and bashed it in and this was the easiest fix?

  4. Is that 56 Buick alive? I'd be interested