Sunday, January 10, 2016

So long, Mr. Party Pooper

Four days of RTR were enough for me this year. I just wasn't feeling the vibe—at least not my kind of vibe. Or the particular kind of vibe I needed this year. My vibe receptors could be shot. Who knows.

So I'm back at my former campsite off Ogilby Road. This feels better. A few days here, then maybe a quick visit to Slab City, then maybe back to the coast for a couple of days. After that? No idea. Don't need one yet.


  1. Yes, hurry up to slab city it's been said they are planning to sell the land & dump out all existing residents... what a shame !!

  2. Yup, us introverts can only take so many days of so many people. I did pretty well the first RTR I attended but at my first Thanksgiving gathering I only managed to stay one night. Good thing van dwellers are accepting of us in all our varieties--even when we run out early they welcome us back the next time.

  3. I fizzled out too. Too many people, too many dogs, too much smoke. I like small groups much better. Probably won't attend next year but hold a special "open camp" evening at my base camp. Just not feeling the vibe anymore with RTR. Nice to catch up with a few old friends, but so many did not return this year.