Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oil news for nomads

We saw gasoline prices drop in 2014, creep back up a little, then start to drop again at the end of last year. Whereas crude oil used to be over $100/barrel, it's now a third of that—with no strong signs of market forces changing that for the rest of the decade. In short, global demand for oil is slowing but oil production hasn't been.
"As 2015 drew to a close, many in the global energy industry were praying that the price of oil would bounce back from the abyss, restoring the petroleum-centric world of the past half-century.  All evidence, however, points to a continuing depression in oil prices in 2016 — one that may, in fact, stretch into the 2020s and beyond."
While cheap gas has negative economic and political effects, it's good for us nomads. The cheaper the gas, the more we vehicle dwellers can afford to wander. And I will.

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  1. Very nice for the nomads, I'm glad for U guys, enjoy while U have the chance !!!