Saturday, January 23, 2016

What I learned last night

I'm back at the campsite on Ogilby Road. A couple of nights ago, some friends had left foil-wrapped potatoes in the coals of their campfire, hoping to have baked potatoes for breakfast. But critters had dragged them out of the ashes, torn off the foil and eaten them. Disappointed humans, happy coyotes or kit foxes.

So last night I set up my night vision trail camera in the wash next to me. I put out a pan of water and weighed it down with a rock. I figured water in the desert would be a good attractant. Besides, whatever critters ate the potatoes—without gravy or even butter—they'd probably have dry mouths.

Sure enough...

Because the pan gives me a sense of scale (it's about 14" in diameter at the top) I can see the critter isn't very large. A kit fox rather than a coyote. Aaaaw, cute.

However, as you can see, the photos were overexposed. Light dirt, plus a full moon, plus the subject being close to the infrared flash equals overexposure.

The camera doesn't have any kind of exposure adjustment, so I'll need to keep that in mind when I set it up in the future.

As I was writing this, Lou and Hal came by to find out what showed up on the camera. Lou said he had left out a pork chop bone. So the fox has been eating well.

I'll set up the camera again. Maybe the fox will bring the whole family next time. Say cheese!


  1. Finally caught up! Have had a tab with your blog open for the past month or so and, kit fox-like, have been sporadically creeping back for water and potatoes.

    You've got a good voice and a keen eye and your blog has been a welcome distraction through a rocky stretch that keeps stretching on. I am in friendly envy of your freedom with maybe just a touch of awe.

    If I could pack up the girls (and wife!) and hit the road... but they don't make a van big enough. Or a road long enough.

    So thanks.

  2. Exposure issues aside; just wonderful.