Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mystery woman

On the way back from dropping trash at the Quartzsite waste transfer station I decided to stop at Taco Mio for lunch. A chimichanga. Not bad.

I finished and played solitaire on my phone while awaiting the check. The waitress came over and said, "The woman who was sitting over there paid for your meal."


I tend to be in my own little world, so I hadn't noticed who had been sitting on the other side of the room. Had it been someone I know? If so, who? Was it a stranger who thought I was someone she knew? Does she make a habit of paying for random strangers' meals? Or did I just look so pathetic that she thought I needed a bit of charity? I might never know. Thank you... someone.

I guess sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch.


  1. A random act of kindness and sunshine; what a wonderful day!

  2. Anonymous, U're right it was an act of kindness & sunshine, HOW NICE !!!

  3. We were at Cracker Barrel one time when a guy leaving dropped a $20 bill on our table, said, "Have a good day," and quickly disappeared. You're right, it does make you wonder what they were thinking. At least we know our donor was not someone who knew us since I got a glimpse of his back. But, I still find myself wondering, why us?

    1. Why not? Sometimes our neurons firing at a higher rate of speed than need be can cause us trouble.

  4. She probably thought you were "hot" ;-)