Sunday, January 24, 2016

Job opportunity

I have a reputation among my nomadic friends as the guy who'll gladly drive all over the place. It's easy for me. I'm not pulling a trailer. Coincidently, all of my current campmates are.

Yesterday I was talking with Oakley about possible future campsites—places we'd heard about but haven't seen. He joked, "You could just run up there and check it out, give us a report."

"Yeah," I replied, "I could be like the wagon train scout. Find out if a place is nice, whether the access is good, whether it has enough level areas, whether it's crowded or noisy or whatever. Just chip in for my gas and a burrito and off I'd go."

Seriously. I'd do that. Subsidize my wandering, give me a bit of a purpose and a chance to be helpful... Why not?