Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The Rolling Steel Tent was a-rockin' last night—without any special fun happening inside. Sadly.

Strong winds with 45 to 50 mile per hour gusts continue this morning and probably through the day. I had the van parked nose to the breeze in the evening, but the wind shifted around to hit broadside while I slept tried to sleep.

It would be a great time to own a wind turbine for charging the batteries. But the space a wind turbine takes up when not in use, along with its cables, a mast and some way to keep it from blowing over, would conflict with my desire to make the van interior as roomy as possible. I don't want to be unloading things I'd use only occasionally in order to have living space every day. But space would be no problem for owners of big RVs. And they could turn off their generators. Imagine that.


  1. You could always carry the wind turbine in a small cargo trailer towed behind the van, couldn't you ?

    1. No towing for me. No rack on the back, either. It's just the way I am.

  2. Certainly, to each his own.

    PS, sometimes can't access your site it gets blocked by a window with food-pictures, why ?