Saturday, January 9, 2016

Another pyramid

Spend enough time in Quartzsite and you eventually learn the story of  Hi Jolly (Hadji Ali) and visit his tomb. You then understand why the Quartzsite welcome signs have camels. And pyramids.

Although Hadji Ali was Syrian and Greek, someone decided he should be buried in a pyramid. Because, camels.

Unlike the pyramids of the pharaohs, Hi Jolly's is made from local stone, quartz (because, Quartzsite) and petrified wood. Cheops is no doubt envious of the copper camel on top, thinking, "Now, why didn't I think of that. But in gold, of course."

As for me, I'm impressed by the carefully welded type on the plaque. Too bad it hasn't been maintained.

Far more interesting than the story of Hadji Ali is the legend of Red Ghost, a camel that terrorized the region—with a corpse strapped to its back.

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