Thursday, November 24, 2016

A plan is developing

When people find out I travel full time, they tend to ask what my favorite places are. I haven't had a no-hesitation answer. I like a lot of places.

Also, as winter approaches each year, I toy with the idea of getting a cheap apartment and hibernating until spring. But it's difficult finding month-to-month rentals that aren't dives or expensive vacation properties.

Meanwhile, I'm running out of new places to see in the West. And I can't imagine circumstances that would make me want to explore farther east.

Fish and shrimp: better than turkey

Then, as Lou and I were talking after Thanksgiving dinner about extending our stay here in San Felipe, a little voice in my head said, "Hey, what if you spent winters here, where you not only have quiet, laughably cheap beachfront camping, but also electricity, flush toilets, hot showers, wifi, a great cook, fresh seafood, and a town for supplies? Then you could summer in Colorado, like you did this year. Travel in spring, and for fall there's that camping spot you were offered in San Luis Obispo."

Hmmmm, change from a wanderer to someone with a circuit? I could give it a try. All plans are subject to change, of course.

I'm certain of one thing, though. My no-hesitation favorite place answer is San Felipe. At least at the moment.


  1. The idea of a circuit is so appealing to me. We haven't found the shoulder season locations, yet. We have winter and summer, but not the shoulders. San Felipe sounds like heaven.

  2. Sounds like a good plan, the goodness of it is like stated is subject change... not written on cement !

  3. Forgot to mention, your comments have somehow been blocked, yesterday & day before yesterday, who's d' culprit ?

    1. Hmmmm... Maybe it's a cross-border thing. Or something.

  4. Can you get mail?

    Will Santa send you a new CRVL tee shirt?

  5. How much is "laughably" cheap camping?