Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Los Algodones detours

Hurray, California is rebuilding sections of I-8 (or as Californians would say, the 8) through Imperial County.

Oh no, some of the ramps are shut down, complicating things for people heading to Los Algodones for low cost dental, optical and prescription needs.

Eastbound traffic on I-8 funnels down to one lane and crosses over the median to use one of the westbound lanes. That means eastbound traffic can't exit or return there. Meanwhile, the westbound ramps are still in business as of this writing.

Fortunately, there are clearly marked detours. They don't want snowbirds wandering around lost.

If you're coming from the west, go to the next exit, cross over and get back on the freeway. Then take the usual exit. Inconvenient, but easy.

If you're returning from Los Algodones and want to head east to Yuma or points beyond, there are two options. The first is to cross over the freeway, turn left onto the westbound onramp, get waved through the agricultural inspection station, go to the next exit (Sidewinder Road), cross back over the freeway, and turn left onto the eastbound onramp. If you want to avoid backtracking, and if you want to see something other than the interstate again, you can cross over the freeway and keep going on Araz Road/S24. It parallels the freeway and reconnects with I-8 just before the state line.

Ah, that brings up another closed ramp. If, like me, you like to take 4th Avenue north out of Yuma to connect with I-8, well the westbound onramp is closed, and the detour is along Araz Road/S24.

And 4th Avenue leads to another problem. If you're familiar with Yuma, you know 4th Avenue is one of the main commercial streets. And you know 16th Street is another, and that the intersection of the two can be a pain. Well, it's worse now. A big construction project has lanes closed down. I would avoid the area. Fortunately, there are alternate routes.

I have a love-hate relationship with Yuma. I love that it's rarely cold in the winter. I love that it has all the stores I might need. But I hate how it gets clogged with snowbirds, many of whom drive in ways that make the traffic even worse. And they drive shopping carts the same way. Sigh. But if things go as planed, I'll just be passing through on my way to Baja. Mmmmmm, the Sea of Cortez.

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