Saturday, November 12, 2016

Before I go

Some people come out to public land to shoot at paint cans and water jugs. Some come to get wasted on beer and cheap Bourbon, or to huff brake cleaner and furniture polish. Some inject drugs and leave the syringes. Some dump furniture and appliances.

Then responsible campers like my friends and I get accused of doing the same things, of leaving our trash, of being public nuisances. So, even though we nomads might never get credit for it, we clean up our campsites before we go. That's my haul in the photo above. I can't do anything about the love seat, though. Or the queen mattress.


  1. If you clean up when you arrive, your van does not get connected with the trash in other people's minds. Plus, you can rest better when you aren't looking at other people's trash.

  2. Good job. Cleaning up other people's traces puts you ahead in the karma dept.

  3. Always better to leave a camp cleaner than you found it. Thank you

  4. Al, last winter near Cottonwood I told one of the rangers about some large stuff that I'd found. He had a water unit on the back of his pick up truck for putting out campfires that were left behind but the next day one of the other rangers came with an empty pick up truck and got the mattress and the other larger stuff that I hadn't been able to clean up.

    I do the same thing...clean up wherever I go. I now try to remember to carry a shopping bag when I go out for a walk so I can pick up litter along the trail or road.

    1. The last time I was in Cottonwood, out by Thousand Trails, there was an abandoned and gutted truck camper. No way I could haul that away.

  5. You are looking at a great revenue stream by picking up the cans and bottles in AZ and taking them to Cali for the 5c deposit and 10c on Schlitz malt liquor master cylinders.

  6. I been meaning to start doing that. Need to remember to get some heavy duty trash bags. ... You inspired the old Boy Scout in me.