Saturday, November 26, 2016

At the swap meet

I got weird reactions in the eastern United States when I used the term swap meet.

"What? A place where you trade beef or something?"

"No, a place where you meet to swap things. As far as I know, it started with California hot rodders wanting to trade car parts. Now you can buy all sorts of things there."

"Oh, a flea market."

"What (I joked)? A place where you buy bugs?"

Thanks to Californians coming to Baja, they say swap meet here. There's one every Saturday north of town, by the recreation center of a gringo real estate development.

I didn't need any merchandise, but I scored some tamales and empanadas. Also, the produce vendor we bought from earlier in the week was there, so we stocked up. We also found some fluently bilingual Yanks to translate when our limited Spanish failed.


  1. Down in South Texas, we call 'em "pulgas," which is a flea market. Best shopping around!

    1. I heard someone use that term today. I thought they were referring to a road in San Mateo County, CA — Alameda de Las Pulgas.

  2. Are those real sculls? ..if so those were some colorfull individuals.