Friday, November 25, 2016

So, we're driving in Mexico, but legally?

This is my second extended foray into Mexico in my own vehicle. The fifth where I've done any driving. But until I stumbled upon this article, I had never thought about International Driving Permits. Tourist visa? Check. Mexican auto insurance? Check. Passport to get back into the US? Check. But what is this business about International Driving Permits? Well, it's kind of weird. Read the article and learn.


  1. My understanding is the IDP's value is its translations. If the country you are going to has many non-English speakers it can be invaluable. That said we didn't get one when we flew to the Netherlands because most people there speak and read English. Makes me ashamed to know that most of us from the USA only know one language.

  2. And you have to renew it yearly. What a racket!