Friday, November 11, 2016

Lucky number

Ever since I got the Rolling Steel Tent I've had the idea of adding bogus fleet numbers. I finally did it. (It has been a low priority, after all.) I don't know if it will actually help my van pass as a no-threat work truck, but it satisfies my design sense.

Why 013? Because it's my thirteenth vehicle. And because I started my nomadic life in 2013. Why the zero? To be more cryptic.


  1. Wonderful, 1 3 is my favorite number, my birthday is September 13, what year ? I can't remember, it happened many, many MANYYY years ago !!!

  2. Matthew "Matt" Helders (born 7 May 1986) is an English drummer, vocalist and songwriter. He is best known as a founding member of the indie rock band Arctic Monkeys, .... of the Suck It and See Tour. In 2013 the number '0114' was displayed on his bass drum head, the phone area code for Matt's hometown Sheffield.

  3. So you were just starting out when my daughter and I met you? She was the one in the semi cab that visited Bob's camp. She decided then if she got a van she wanted hers set up just like yours. Very impressive for a newbie to have that impact.