Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Welcome to November

Bob made an observation a few days ago. In the fall, it seems like a storm will come through and the temperature will drop five to ten degrees. Then, after the front passes, the temperature will stay in that lower range instead of returning to the previous range. Then another storm will pass through, repeating the process.

Well, here we are, with three storm fronts having passed through Pahrump, and the average daytime temperature has dropped from the 80s to the 60s. Sigh.

I've been spending my days inside the Rolling Steel Tent editing videos. I like to keep the side door open so I don't feel cooped up. I used to have the van parked with the door to the north to keep the sun from roasting me (and to avoid the southerly winds). Today I turned the van around to let in as much sun as possible. The black rugs and other things soak up heat. Hurray for thermal mass.

I'd prefer to head south, but I need to hang with Bob until I finish his videos. However, he'll be going to Oregon for Thanksgiving. I can make a dash south (Baja is still calling) then rejoin him in southern Arizona, wrap up the videos, and return to Mexico.


  1. Al, FYI southern California is been lousy, dark, cloudy with few drops here & there. I need my sunshine or I become SAD !!

  2. what editing? 43 minutes to interview the folks in the airstream?

    You do know that after 5 minutes you will have lost at least 75% of normal people and only the mentally insane in an institution will watch it to the end.

    But on the bright side the encoding looks good, you are doing your own compressing vs. giving that job to the tuber and taking forever to upload a mov file.

    1. I didn't work on that one. And even though you think it's too long, it has over 500 positive comments in three days. The continuous duty solenoid video started with four hours of footage that I managed to cut down to a little over a half hour. So I can wield an ax when necessary.