Friday, November 25, 2016

Conflict of interests

On  one hand, I really like the place we're camped and want everyone to know about it. Sharing is good.

On  the other hand, one of the things that makes this place so desirable is there's almost no one else here.

So, as a compromise, here's a clue:


  1. Thanks for the hint. I may be down that way in Feb-March.

  2. AHAAA, you would be able to fish from your van's back door, that's nice & handy !
    Enjoy !

  3. In the winter months anytime I want to go to Mexico I just take US17 North from Punta Gorda to Arcadia Florida.

    1. The actual Mexico sends it's thanks that you aren't here.

  4. Thanks for the tip. There are a couple of cheap RV parks down the road too.

  5. I know the conflict, Al. Like a favorite new restaurant -- you want to share it with friends but you don't want it to be crowded when you go next time. The clincher for me is this: If the place does not get "enough" customers, it will go out of business or have to scale back. Neither of those choices help you.