Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some days are like fabels

I was talking with a fellow boondocker this morning when a jack rabbit bolted by. Cool. Nature.

Then, this afternoon, as if on cue, a tortoise walked by the Rolling Steel Tent. Hare... Tortoise... This is familiar.

It's the first desert tortoise I've seen in the wild, despite all the time I've spent in its habitat. I wanted to get a closer shot of it walking, but even though I carefully circled around, and even though I was, oh, fifteen yards away, it hunkered down, ready to go into full defensive mode.

Hey, man or madam, I'm not going to hurt you


  1. They can move pretty fast when they don't have thier guard up.

  2. if they get scared, they will pee and lose precious body fluid needed in the desert