Friday, March 17, 2017

Wait for it

A trail down to the beach in San Clemente passes under the railroad tracks that run along much of the California coast. The pedestrian tunnel frames the beach and ocean, focusing your attention. Until something else happens.


  1. OK, I'm stumped. I saw the surfer. I saw something else in the water - could be a swimmer, possibly a big fish or seal, etc. What is the "something else happens?"

  2. You didn't notice the train? (I love trains, so that's what I was hoping "it" would be.) I think I need to come camp by the coast! What could be better than trains and beach?

    1. It's a commuter train that runs between Los Angeles and Oceanside. I like to think of all the passengers watching the ocean go by and decompressing from their work day. Maybe they don't need to go to Oceanside. They just took the train for the view, then went back.

  3. PS: I love how after the train goes by, with all its sounds of steel on steel, the ocean is just "still there" doing its quiet lapping on the beach and it's like the train never was. So cool!