Sunday, April 16, 2017

I've worked myself into a corner

I'm taking a break from the desert again. (Or is the desert my break from the coast? Whichever.) I'm in Imperial Beach, California. See the higher land in the background of the photo? That's Tijuana. And the green area on the left is the Tijuana Estuary.

I'm semi-stealth camping where the last stretch of coastal road ends. South of here it's all estuary, beach and Border Patrol. The city of Imperial Beach has kindly provided several blocks of totally unrestricted parking. I'll occupy one of those space for a while, thank you.

A small voice in the back of my brain says I should also camp in the other three corners of the lower 48. You know, as an act of compulsive accomplishment and something to drop into conversations and blog posts. But the larger part of my brain says, "Mmmmm, no. I have no desire to go to far northeast Maine. And I was in Key West years ago. Been there, done that. I was on the Olympic Peninsula twenty-something years ago, and I might find myself there again, but I'm not going to make it a goal. I'm just going to enjoy hanging out here. Now shut up."


  1. We've been to Maine; that's a long drive just to hit a corner. Although we worked to hit all 48 contiguous states while RVing so I'm in no position to speak to this. At least our daughter lived in Maine at that time so we had an excuse.

  2. In Washington state it would be a tossup to camp on the Olympic peninsula or to head to Point Roberts, the area you have to drive into Canada to get into :). I would say that Point Roberts is a better corner since fewer people take that option as you have to cross the USA/Canada border twice to get there.

  3. It's a curious bit of geography. We zigged and zagged the border through the islands of the Haro Straight and around Vancouver Island, so why not that little peninsula? It wasn't an oversight. It was done on purpose. Shrug.

  4. Year 1 on the road, I drove all over the USA and some Canada to hit my bucket list of places and people. That kinda wore it outta me. This year, I'm content to meander around New Mexico and close by. Enjoying looking into little nooks I woulda missed otherwise and really getting to know the place. In future, maybe I'll repeat the short-circuit, in-depth travel in another part of the country.