Monday, April 24, 2017

The post I've been planning to write

I drive a lot. That means I experience a lot of other drivers, good and bad. Some are so bad I wish I could vaporize them as a service to the world. But I'd be satisfied with being able to project into their brains not only the knowledge of just how awful their driving is but also shame and embarrassment so deep that they pull off the road (safely, of course) and weep.

I get all worked up when I try to write about bad drivers. That's not good for my wellbeing. So I abandon the effort and switch to something happier. But I discovered today that Jalopnik has collected reader comments about how to spot—and therefore avoid the proximity of—bad drivers. They've done the unpleasant work for me.

As for my driving? I'm 110% perfect, of course. Not. But I try.

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  1. These self important or just plain naive folks are also the ones that are super impatient while standing in line, but once they are up they forget about their hurry and leave those behind them waiting.