Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Overnighting in Nipton

Nipton, California, near the Nevada state line, is another of those Mojave Desert towns that sprang up when there were minerals, cattle and a railroad. While so many of those towns now exist as only names on a map, Nipton is still hanging on. Just barely.

Nipton Trading Post sells, well, not much, though it's filled with travelers' needs, souvenirs and lottery tickets.

There's a cafe with a sign proclaiming it's under new management, but it was closed when I was there.

The historic 5-room Hotel Nipton is still open, and had at least one couple staying there. And the cactus garden was nicely maintained.

Out back there are RV sites with electricity and water, and a half dozen "eco-cabins" with air conditioning and wood stoves. I dry camped next to one that needed a visit from Omar the Tent Maker.

There's a large Help Wanted sign by the highway. The labor pool is almost non-existent in this corner of the desert. There seemed to be no more than five Niptonians to run the place, so the sign is aimed at passers through. Anyone with restaurant experience? Wanna turn this place into, oh, a gourmet taco mecca or something?

A dubious building across the highway has a sign advertising it as a potential artist studio. Come on you artistic desert lovers. Creative solitude... cheap rent... Bring your art world friends, too. People. They need people. And money. People with money. So I didn't feel too bad paying $25 to park in the dirt.


  1. Ain't that by that HUGE solar site, where the mirrors reflect light onto the water tower (and fry birds)?

  2. It's near enough to Nipton to see the glare. The solar array is actually north of I-15.