Thursday, April 27, 2017


When I’m not at a campsite and don’t have a designated spot, I’m free to orient the Rolling Steel Tent however it suits me.

The first consideration is the slope of the land. If it’s not level, then I prefer to have the rear of the van higher, because that’s where my head is when I sleep.

If it’s a warm part of the year I prefer to have the side door facing north. If it’s winter I prefer it the other way around so I can get some nice free heat. If I can’t do either of those, then I’d rather have the morning sun come in the door to warm things up. It’s better than having the afternoon sun baking the interior, even in winter.

Sometimes I adjust for wind, especially when it’s warm. A nice draft flowing through the van helps a lot. Unless there’s too much wind, like the 30+ mile per hour stuff we often get in the desert. Then, when I can, I position the van nose-first to the wind (only to have the wind change direction on me).

There have been a few super sweet times I’ve gotten not only the slope, sun and wind working perfectly for me, but there has also been a wonderful view out the side door. Excellent.

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  1. We actually repositioned in the middle of the night once when heavy winds changed direction. Not since infancy have we appreciated being rocked to sleep.