Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Stealthing the night away

Following tips from a guy with a lot of experience stealth camping in the San Diego area, I found my way to this beach parking lot. (That's the Rolling Steel Tent over on the left.) Surfers show up in the morning and evening, other beach users come and go during the day, then the place pretty much clears out at night, except for overflow parking from the neighboring condos/apartments.

Surfer vans, camper vans, kid hauling vans...

The lot is posted for no parking between 2AM and 4AM. That's sort of an odd window. My tipster said he has never encountered any enforcement in this location. That was true last night, at least. Perhaps one reason is that overnighters aren't parked in front of anyone's home or business. No complaints, so no visits from the man.

But even if there weren't the unusual two-hour ban on parking, there's the too-usual ban on inhabiting a vehicle. So I was a doubly bad boy last night. And doubly buttoned up with lights out. I will be tonight, too.

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