Friday, April 28, 2017

People have their reasons for doing things

This guy spent about a half hour putting up this beach umbrella. He dug a hole, anchored the bottom section of pole, backfilled the hole, slid on the weighted base and tightened it, attached the top, got everything perfectly vertical and then... he sat in the sun. Okay.


  1. Is that a cooler sitting under his umbrella?

    1. Yeah. Gotta keep the cooler out of the sun. Though that's a lot of work to accomplish that. He could've put it under his chair.

  2. Maybe the umbrella is for later when he feels the burn? He was likely a boy scout and still likes being prepared.

  3. Maybe he's keeping his options open... sun to begin with, shade for when he's had enough sun. We all like to have options :D