Saturday, May 20, 2017

Drivin' and thinkin'

I was driving north on I-15, on the outskirts of greater Las Vegas. On my right was a place that auctions commercial trucks and heavy equipment. There were two school buses on the lot. One was sort of medium sized. I thought, “That would be more than big enough for me. If I were to do a schoolie. Not that I am, but, you know, if. I mean, if I were to go to the trouble and expense of buying one and fixing it up I’d want something a little larger than a short bus but not so huge it would be a pain to maneuver. Of course, even that smaller one is too long to park just anywhere…”

That kept my mind occupied until the junction with US93, where I stopped for gas. After that I contemplated the need for billboards telling big rig drivers, “If it takes several miles to pass another rig, you probably didn’t need to make that pass.” But that violates a basic rule of billboards: seven, eight words, maximum.

That kept my mind occupied until Mesquite, at which point I started thinking about getting bagels in Saint George. Mmmmm, bagels.


  1. Isn't it amazing how many roads your mind goes down when your vehicle is going down its own road?

  2. I believe we are just a fly in the ointment for the truckers. Their world would be a better place without us getting in the way.
    This morning, somewhere south of Chicago, a guy "on the clock" in a company pickup truck was all over me because I made him honor his yield sign. I was over it long before he got done flashing and waving and honking. Silly me.
    Some day, after the zombies come, we'll have the roads to ourselves ;)