Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I haven't done this in a while

Being someplace dark enough + the moon not being up + it not being too cold + waking up at the right time + having the camera battery charged + being in the mood for it. That's what's required for me to do star photography. Everything came together last night. Too bad the Milky Way wasn't also above the horizon, though.


  1. Outstanding! I need to learn how to do this with my camera. Can you recommend a good and easy resource? Thanks.


    1. Most of what I know I got from one of Bob Wells' blog posts from a few years back. Then it was experimentation. Basically, go to manual controls, start with the F-stop open all the way, ISO set as high as you can, then fiddle with the exposure time. Anything longer that 25 seconds and the stars will start to look like streaks instead of dots.