Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I'm glad a pattern has been broken

I'm usually greeted by thunderstorms when I come from Las Vegas to Saint George UT. Not this time. It was sunny with just enough breeze. Thank you.

My go-to camping spots west of Zion National Park were all occupied so I had to try someplace new. New can be good. I went part way up Flying Monkey Mesa instead of camping across the highway from it like I usually do. The best spots there were taken, too, (shrug, tourist season) but there was a large pullout that would work well enough. The mesa at my back, the valley and the town of Virgin before me, more mesas in the distance. Nice.

But then some guys in an RV showed up, killing my solitude, blocking part of my view and running their generator. (Shrug, tourist season.)

However, to my delight, the people in a very cool spot left this morning. The "road" to it is narrow, rutted, lumpy and has almost no shoulder before a long drop, so I'm hoping it discourages others from encroaching.

I could've set up all the way out on the tip of the point, but the tilt, view and the breeze would've been in the wrong direction.

So, why does it matter where I set up this morning if I'm going into Zion today? Because that's why I'm here, right? No, that's not why I'm here. I've gone to the park the past two years. There's no rush to go again. I'm here to figure out where to go next. Someplace new. New can be good. Gotta break those patterns.

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  1. Now that's a spot with some real breathing space. Gorgeous. I spent a few 6-month periods living in Mesquite, NV, so I traveled in the Zion area several times. I did not know about vandwelling then and did not have my rig. But this tells me I need to revisit the area if there are wonderful spots like this. Thanks.