Saturday, May 12, 2018

New roads

After spending a night, a day and another night in nearly 100 percent humidity, it was time to move someplace much drier.

I’ve traveled up and down US-101 and Highway 1 many times. What could I do instead? I looked at the map. Hmmm, what about these farm roads that parallel 101 farther inland, running past the east entrance to Pinnacles National Park(Not to be confused with Trona Pinnacles.) Sure, why not?

This is unglamorous, un-trendy, nearly unpopulated California. This is no-rush California. It’s what I needed today. That and no fog.


  1. What is your favorite stretch of road you’ve traveled in the past years since you had the van? Now living in Salem Oregon mine is the Oregon coast Hwy 101 and Big Sur CA. When I was back in Charlotte it was the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    1. I consider myself a California guy, so 1 from Santa Monica to Oxnard, 101 from Oxnard to San Luis Obispo, 1 from SLO to Leggett (after they repair the bridge and landslide damage in Big Sur), the 101 to Astoria.

      Then there's Highway 12 in Utah, in the fall. Or the Mt. Nebo Loop between Nephi and Payson. Or highway 35 from Duchesne to Kamas. Or 150 from Kamas to the state line. Or 190 from Salt Lake City to Park City. Or I-70 from Salina and over the San Rafel Swell (in the afternoon).

      And in Colorado there's 145 from Cortez to Telluride then on to 62 from Placerville to Ridgway. Or 149 from Powderhorn to South Fork. Or 82 from Twin Lakes to Aspen.

      In Arizona, there's 260 from Camp Verde to Show Low.

      And in Montana there's Going-to-the-Sun Highway through Glacier NP. (I prefer east-to west.)

      But there are hundreds of bits of roads that totally sublime when the light is right, you're driving with the windows open, there's no traffic, and the landscape shifts as you move.

    2. Oh, and I lived in Charlotte for 17 years, just before I became a nomad.

  2. You might enjoy the one E of Porterville to Camp Nelson and Wishon Campground.

  3. I'm by the western Sierras now, so that route could be worked in. Thanks.