Monday, May 21, 2018

See, I'm not the only one

It bugs me when one big rig pulls out to pass one going just a hair slower, and both are going way slower than other traffic. Yes, I know there are reasons for this, but AAAAaaaaaargh!

Then I came across the photo below. It helps to know I’m not alone.


  1. Yes and conversely, when those big rigs traveling faster than the camp trailers in the next lane pass, they create a wind that pulls the trailer toward the rig. It is especially bad on a windy day.

  2. Truckers are wanderers too, but to an excess. I call them the window wanderers, because they spend most of their lives looking thru one, never spending much time on the other side of it, or having the choice to choose a destination so they could. Never has the statement, so close, and yet so far away, been more applicable than in the lives of the window wanderers.