Thursday, May 31, 2018

Did you guess correctly?

In the previous post I moaned about forests and mentioned two routes I might take to Oregon—less forested and more forested. I invited people to guess which route I's take.

Well, as I arrived in Susanville CA and was presented with the junction of 395 (less forested route) and 36 (more forested), I made the last-second choice of 36. And then 44, toward Lassen Volcanic National Park. Surprise, I actually enjoyed it.


  1. I knew better than to guess about the route of a free roaming individual after being on the road over 10 years myself.

  2. The road from Susanville to Redding is nice. Redding to the coast is windey but nice also. A left turn just before Weaverville takes you to Hayfork, beyond Hayfork is Hyimpom, the most remote town by road in the lower 48.
    Might be a woods overload for you though.