Saturday, May 5, 2018

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

RVSue bought a house with her sister. She and her canine crew will be traveling only occasionally.

JustinCredible got an apartment and is selling his amazing purple Class B van. He’s tired of the limits and demands of mobile living.

Vanholio! is moving into the rental property he owns because it needs repairs and because he misses his peeps.

Nomads often become settlers again, and my emotions are mixed. They’re free to decide how and where to live and what makes them happy. I don’t begrudge them that. But it feels a little like friends moving away—which is ironic seeing as how I’m the one who keeps disappearing down the road.

I love my nomadic life. It’s perfect for me. But not for everyone, or not for the rest of their life. I try not to think about the day when health or other circumstances force me back into a building, back to being in one place. Yet some nomads are eagerly looking forward to the day when they can return to normal life. And some are surprised when they find themselves craving the thing they were once happy to abandon.

I grew up being taught there was just one way to be happy. And that path eventually made me miserable. So here’s a toast to whichever path leads to your bliss.


  1. I am a hot time of the year Alabama campground resident near my last living relatives. Altitude sickness prevents me from going high enough for cool summer so I might as well have fun with the grandkids in the summer in North Alabama. Works out to be about 5 months there and 7 months roaming.

  2. Mr Vining's poem,NEVER SELL YOUR RIG, to me, is the sumation of second thoughts all wanderers negate. Our internal dialoge it seems, is at times, very convincing, regarding the purchase of an elephant.

  3. Hope you keep on keeping on as long as your heart desires Al. So appreciate your open raw honest words on it all.
    Here's a toast... indeed.

  4. The Justin Credible video about getting an apartment was a joke, unless you know something I don't.

    Me? I'm leanin' toward stayin' right now. But my best bro down here, JB, bets I'll get sick of this place by the time I finish the work (est. July) and remember EXACTLY and FOREVER why bein' a homeowner ain't for Vanholio!

    1. Ah, maybe my humor detector is malfunctioning again.

  5. Mmmm, RVSue has been traveling for 7 years now full-time, it would seem, and averaging on the order of $3/night for camping fees. From the sounds of it, she made the "perfect" choice ... for herself. Living in an area of the country that she loves, and in a place where it's very cheap to live, and only 1 hours drive from a major city. Think of all the poor schmoos who live in LA, and commute 4-6 hours a day in that traffic. Sue is a genius by any measure.