Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The weather said, "Not at this time"

I had been studying maps and satellite views of the Eastern Sierras. “Look at all these roads into interesting canyons and up into the mountains.” The roads were paved and led sometimes to trailheads, sometimes to campgrounds, sometimes to lakes, sometimes to all three. And some of them became unpaved roads over passes to the west side. “Why hadn’t I noticed these before?”

Somewhere like this?

I made a plan to check out Horseshoe Meadow Road from Lone Pine, Onion Valley Road from Independence, Glacier Lodge Road from Big Pine, and Highway 168 from Bishop.

Or maybe like this?

But clouds have been hanging around and hanging low—at about 9,000 feet. I’d be driving up into the clouds or at least have clouds blocking the view.

So I put the plan on hold relocated to the Volcanic Tablelands just north of Bishop instead. I’ll hang here a few days and see what the weather decides to do. As if to validate my change of plans, it rained a little this evening.


  1. Oh, in the mean time check out the "copper top" barbeque in lone pine !.Not to be missed...

  2. Big Pine ,
    I mean...