Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The weather took pity on me

Almost there

Whining about low clouds and rain must have worked. I woke up to almost cloudless skies. I embraced the gift and headed up Highway 168 to Lake Sabrina, at about 9,000 feet.

A police car zoomed past me. Hmmm, what was that about? Well, you know those falling rock signs? A boulder the size of a car had come down, burying itself near the right shoulder of the road. Cones, flares and flashing lights, but the road was open. The road narrows after the campground and continues to the dam and boat launch.

I’m glad I went

The air was crisp but not too cold and, as you can see, the water was glassy. There were a handful of anglers fishing from shore. I wished I had a canoe.


  1. How do we know the picture of Lake Sabrina is not upside down?

  2. Al, is there a way to connect from where you are to the route 168 on the west side of the Sierra. I thought i read that you were on the west side, in the central valley, a few days ago. I live in Clovis near Fresno and always wondered if there was a way to cross the Sierra in that area.

    1. Not by vehicle. Kaiser Pass Road from Huntington Lake is paved surprisingly far and then turns to unpaved, but eventually it just becomes a trail.