Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Taking the slow road

US-395 north out of Bishop, California, climbs up a long grade. It’s the type with warning signs to turn off your air conditioning to avoid engine overheating. There are stops with water barrels along the shoulder. Previous times I’ve made that schlep, the poor Rolling Steel Tent was howling away in second gear while vehicles with better power-to-weight ratios flew past.

However, I discovered an alternate route thanks to these things called “maps.” Two lane road, scarce traffic, a couple of switchbacks, and slightly more scenic. It connected back to 395 at the summit and it was easy cruising to my destination: a hot spring on public land where I could soak and camp.

I was a little apprehensive, because the flies were horrible the last time I was here. Not so this time. Just a few mosquitoes. Oh well. The full moon made up for it.

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